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LM Edwards Services LLC offers complete tax services to clients in Richmond, VA, and surrounding communities. Lawrence M. Edwards and his team are fully licensed and insured to provide bookkeeping services, tax return preparation, tax planning services, tax prep and bookkeeping, and tax audit representation. Equipped with over 20 years of experience, in-depth knowledge, and quality customer satisfaction, we’ll do everything possible to help you minimize your tax liability and avoid undue interest.

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Our Services

Whether you’re looking for basic bookkeeping or you want to prepare and plan your taxes, Lawrence M. Edwards and his team are available to help you out – all year round. We’ll recommend the most reliable tax strategies to help you enhance your financial freedom.

Tax Preparation

LM Edwards Services LLC offers holistic tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. Our experts will help you get the highest refund or the lowest balance possible while adhering to all federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. For businesses, we’ll help you prepare your corporate tax return for entities, such as partnerships, C corporations, S corporations, trusts, estates, and gift tax returns.

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Tax Audit Representation

A tax audit is an examination carried out by the IRS to ensure that individual or business financial information, including your income and deductions, is accurate. LM Edwards Services LLC will help you understand your IRS notice and also provide you with details on how to prepare and what to expect.

We are available all year round to represent our clients in federal and state audit situations for tax returns prepared by our firm. We also offer tax audit representation for returns prepared by other firms, but this requires an hourly fee.

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Tax Planning

The financial decisions you make for your business or individual finances come with tax implications. Understanding these implications will help you minimize your tax liabilities, interests, and penalties. LM Edwards Services LLC offers quality tax planning services that can help you minimize your tax liability while avoiding unnecessary fees and interests.

As an experienced and knowledgeable bookkeeping professional, Lawrence M. Edwards will provide you with guidance and also offer recommendations on the ideal strategy to help you control your tax liability and cash flow in a better way.

Bookkeeping Services

Our experts provide businesses and individual clients with reliable bookkeeping services. With LM Edwards Services LLC  working on your books using QuickBooks, you’ll understand and identify your assets and liabilities, maintain your ledger, and know where and what your finances are going into.

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Drop-Off Service

Need us to start working on your tax information immediately? Use our drop-off service. You can send us your tax information via fax or drop it off at our office. The return is usually completed in 24 hours. Most corporate returns are due on March 15th (calendar-year corporations).

Estimated Taxes

Estimated tax is the tax you’re expected to pay for the current tax year after deducting the credit you plan to take and your withholding tax. LM Edwards Services LLC helps our client generate estimated (quarterly) tax payments. This helps you plan your finances, thereby enhancing your financial freedom and minimizing your tax liability.

Virtual Currencies, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Libra etc.

Any and all virtual currencies traded, sold, or used for purchasing are subject to tax implications. The Internal Revenue Service ( I.R.S.) has ruled these to be a capital transaction reportable on the 1040 Schedule D. The courts ruled in favor of the I.R.S. and have received the data from all virtual currency exchanges. In the last report, over 25 million transactions were reported through the exchanges of which the I.R.S. now has records. Of the 25 million transactions, there were only 843 tax returns with cryptocurrency data. Please call us immediately to prepare or amend any tax return that is or was missing this data. The I.R.S. will be sending letters to this effect to all taxpayers who did not report their cryptocurrency transactions.